Let us introduce ourselves!


First of all, it’s nice of you to stop by. Below you will find some info about who we are, and how we came to live here. Us, that is – Ania, a nurse

with a passion for work and my daughters: Sonia, the perfect rebelling teenager and Martyna, Zacisze Pod Śmielcem - Sonia i Martynaa bit crazy tomboy who already left home, but sometimes you can meet them here. We were born here, and always lived here. We had a period of travels and were lucky to see some of the world, but this only made us realize that there may be other places, but the best for us is the place where we live now.

There is no other place where spring is so green, wonderfully fresh, and sometimes even hot in summer, so beautifully colorful in fall, and so ‚hardcore’ snowy, yet so pure in the winter. We love this place, with a special kind of loyal, warm feelings 🙂

The idea of sharing this place with others took some time to mature, but now this time had come. Of course, it will never be like those days in 1997, when we stood at the doors to our terrace (which was not even there yet) and saw the virgin meadow with wild flowers on the place of our current

garden.  Inside us not that much had changed. We still love our mountains, because we always felt so good in them, ever since our Scouting hikes and journeys through them. We always liked places with few people. Simply we have too many hobbies, and not enough time to pursue them all.Zacisze Pod ?mielcem - Nasze Zwierzaki

We have always had some four-legged companions. Currently it’s a long-haired German Shepherd, in pedigree book called Fanaberia, but friends call her Bera. Bera cannot hide her love and curiosity of the world, and loves going crazy when „my people are home!”. She is roaming her part of the garden together with Nikki, small, black mix, who is Bera’s best friend. To top it off we have a cat – Anusiak, „liberated” by us from the animal shelter, which really is the proverbial lordy cat. He can easily show the dogs their place, and loooooves evening grooming. ‚Purrr’e cat essence. But above all, we like to think about ourselves as very open and friendly people, we like to help (as much as we can), simply – we like people, even though this seems unfashionable nowadays…..


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